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On October 7, 2020, Brookline Rotary and a number of community partners are presenting a program designed to help us all understand the underlying science of controlling COVID-19.
Register now for this important program, and submit your questions to the panel of experts.  To make sure your question is considered, please submit questions in advance.
COVID-19: The Real Science
  • How do we end a pandemic?
  • When will there be a vaccine I am willing to take?
  • Who will get it first?
Our panel of experts will explain what is going on, and answer questions submitted in advance
Rotarian Tunji Funsho has been named one of Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World in recognition of his key role in making Nigeria polio-free.  Read his profile in Time Magazine.  Congratulations to Rotarian Funsho, to Rotary International's Polio-Plus program, and to the world!
Oh what a difference a year makes!  Brookline Rotary has been "building" back to school backpacks for at least the last 10 years.  Previously, in partnership with two local non-profits that support low-income families, we have purchased the typical back to school supplies.   Then, at a social gathering of members, we would put together a back pack for each student that contained the needed, basic supplies to start the school year.  Unlike previous years, this year we were not able to enjoy each others in-person company as we ate pizza and stuffed back packs.   ...
The Winiker Band with vocalist Dr. Elaine Wu was out on Williams Street Sunday morning, celebrating the birthday of twin brothers who live at 100 Centre Street.  I heard them from my kitchen and went out to enjoy their wonderful music.
Hear them performing Blue Skies in front of 40 Williams Street for the delight of the neighborhood.
Thanks, guys!

With the announcement today that the entire continent of Africa has been declared Polio-free, we have met a major milestone in the battle to remove the threat of this terrible crippling disease from the planet Earth.

But it's much more than polio -- that's why we call it PolioPlus.  Since March 2020, the worldwide team working on polio has been repurposed to work instead on COVID-19.  The teamwork on the ground — with its contact-tracing, relationships with hospitals and communities, laboratories, and surveillance procedures — has been able to help coordinate the effort to control the spread of COVID in countries where without this support the effects would have been devastating.

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